Oil concentrator of the adm series

Buttermaker of ADM series – plate scraper heat exchanger – the main element of butter production lines.

Butter of ADM series is specially designed for the production of all types of butter, anhydrous milk fat, modified fats, spreads, margarines, butter pastes by converting a fat emulsion with a fat content of 30 to 99%.

The main advantages of the ADM series butter maker

The technological capabilities of the ADM series butter maker make it possible to optimally select the modes of cooling, crystallization and mechanical treatment of the product, depending on the raw materials used. The process of converting high-fat cream in a butter maker takes place in four stages, and the apparatus itself has four main units that perform specific functions:

  • scraped surface heat exchanger;
  • destructor;
  • second scraped surface heat exchanger (structure former);
  • “Pin Rotor” processor.

The design of the apparatus makes it possible to more accurately select the modes of thermomechanical treatment at each stage of the process.

  • The whole process of the butter maker is automated. The functions of the automation system make it possible to harmonize the processes of cooling, decrystallization, structure formation and mechanical processing for different products and formulations. Automation of the starting system (warming up the working area) preventing the destruction of the oil maker after an emergency stop. Auxiliary functions of the automation system allow you to save the recipe for products, as well as emergency and current parameters of the product processing process.
  • Improved heat transfer scraper plate design. By improving the design of the plate, we achieved the same heat transfer over the entire area of ​​the plate, reduced losses in the finished product and, due to design changes, ensured compactness of equipment and less labor intensity during maintenance.
  • The scraper knife is made of high-strength food-grade polyamide, has special properties that allow it to work in various environments. The same type of seal made of high quality food grade silicone is used to seal the product cavities and coolant channels.
  • The consistency of the oil produced by the ADM series butter maker makes it possible to directly fill the product using the ARM, FASA, BENHIL equipment, as well as other filling machines. Packing in polyamide casing (with clipper) or in boxes is provided.
  • Production of a wide range of products.
  • Buttermaker of ADM series is made of high quality food grade stainless steel.
  • The complete set of the ADM series butter maker is made on the technical basis of European manufacturers.
Parameter name ADM-03 ADM-05 ADM-1 ADM-1,5 ADM-2
1. Productivity by type of oil, kg / h 200-300 300-500 400-1000 600-1500 800-2000
2. Installed power of electric motors, kW 5.5 9 15 21 32
3. Consumption of ice water per hour of operation 1 ± 0.25 3 ± 0.5 5 ± 1 7 ± 1 10 ± 2
4. Temperature, ° С:
– original cream 50 – 70 50 – 70 50 – 70 50 – 70 50 – 70
– oils 9 – 16 9 – 16 9 – 16 9 – 16 9 – 16
– ice water 2 ± 1 2 ± 1 2 ± 1 2 ± 1 2 ± 1
5. Total heat exchange surface, m 2 2.1 3.3 6 7.5 12
6. Total occupied area, m 2 2 2 3 3 4
7. Unit weight, kg 370 510 1120 1500 1800

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  • BRINE PLATE P8-OUA1-00-06-000 (5 HOLES)
  • Manifold with two holes
  • Single Hole Manifold
  • Brine plate (insert)
  • Brine plates with two product windows
  • Brine plates with one product window
  • Crosspiece
  • Heat exchanger scraper plate
  • Product ring
  • Designed for heating and pasteurization of milk, cream, and other liquid food products in the flow.
  • Filters
  • Materials and spare parts for equipment
  • Protective cabinet for printer
  • Non-standard equipment and components
  • Melting boiler ADAMAS SP-350 for the production of processed cheese
  • boiler-coagulator for cottage cheese production TI serie
  • Capacitive equipment
  • Emulsifier
  • Plate scraper pasteurizer upg-2 series
  • Plate scraper pasteurization and cooling installation pou-t1
  • Ice water treatment system
  • Lines for the production of butter, spread and margarine lmas-adm
  • Buttermaker of ADM series - plate scraper heat exchanger - the main element of butter production lines.
  • Butter complex of ADM-K series - plate scraper heat exchanger - the main element of butter production lines.
  • Oil homogenizer m1-adm
  • Plunger pump
  • Screw pump