Metal processing

Metal processing

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting of metal is a powerful tool for blank cutting of sheet material. Plasma cutting makes it possible to cut almost all types of metals. It provides high precision and cut quality. The heating zone of the material to be treated is much smaller than when using, for example, an autogen, as a result, thermal deformations are negligible.

This type of cutting is safe because there is no need for explosive gas cylinders. For large volumes of work, such cutting is more profitable and less laborious.

Turning and milling work

Our company performs turning and milling works according to customer’s drawings.

If you need to perform turning or milling of a metal part, but you do not have equipment for metal processing, do not have the necessary turning and milling machines, then you should contact our company for help. Our company has extensive experience and all the necessary equipment for metal processing.

We are ready to process parts according to your drawings, of any complexity, with high quality and in the shortest possible time. We employ only experienced and qualified employees who have repeatedly demonstrated their skills in performing the tasks assigned to them, sometimes not simple and very important tasks. When contacting us, you can count on fast, high-quality and accurate manufacturing of parts of any complexity. All parts produced by us, as well as all turning and milling works performed by our company, are guaranteed.

Milling works are carried out on modern equipment with utmost precision. For metal milling, we can offer our customers the following types of work: planar milling, longitudinal milling, hole milling, hole drilling, framing the workpiece in overall dimensions, drawing edges on the part, milling work with the participation of a dividing head, etc.

Milling works are carried out on metal of any brand and grade. If you order milling work from us, you can be sure that the finished product will be of high quality with maximum accuracy.


The company “Adamas” offers to perform the necessary welding work by our specialists on professional equipment. Quality, guarantee and the necessary accompanying documentation. We work quickly and efficiently. Our prices for welding work are the most loyal